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🧱New plugin: GitHub Embed Block for Gutenberg

New plugin released on!

Embed Block for Github adds a new embed block in the editor. This block provide a nice GitHub embed card to display information about any public GitHub repository. Some example below:

It could also be used inside a column block:

The block comes with some basic CSS styles but it is designed to adapt to your theme stylesheet. Every HTML element use a specific class, so it’s also easy to override those CSS styles in your child theme.

Technically, it use ServerSideRender Gutenberg component and the GitHub API. Every API call is stored inside transients to avoid overuse of GitHub public API routes.

It’s very easy to use inside the editor:

Embed Block for Github is available on

Contributions are welcome on the GitHub repository of this plugin:

If you love that plugin, you can buy me a beer! 🍺😍

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