Hi, I’m currently the CTO of Whodunit WordPress Agency.
I’m a WordPress Core Committer and I’m currently working in the WP Security team.

I led two dozen of minor releases and I was the Documentation Lead of WP 5.3 and WP 5.7, the Accessibility Lead of WP 5.3 and WP 5.5, the Triage Lead of WP 5.9, 6.1 and 6.5 and the Core Tech Lead of 6.2
I’m currently the Core Tech Lead of WordPress 6.6.

I coordinated the development of the WP Auto-updates project, which shipped Theme & Plugins automatic updates in WordPress 5.5, and Core automatic updates in WP 5.6.

I represented the Core team during two years, after having represented the Accessibility team of the CMS during two other years, I maintain Widgets, Menus and Upgrade/Install core components and I’m one of the 4 French General Translation Editors. I'm working in the WordPress Security Team for one year.

[FR] L’écosystème WordPress n’est pas compatible avec l’extrême-droite

Faisant partie des acteurs français fortement impliqués dans différents projets libres ou open-source, dont en premier lieu le projet WordPress qui propulse aujourd’hui plus de 40 % du web, je suis attristé de voir que notre nation cède aux sirènes de […]

[FR] Contribution Stats for WordPress 6.3 « Lionel »

WordPress 6.3 « Lionel » was released on August 8, 2023. This version is named « Lionel », after the American jazzer Lionel Hampton. I was involved in this release as Triage Lead and as a core committer. It was a pleasure to work with the release squad. A […]

[FR] Contribution Stats for WordPress 6.2 « Dolphy »

WordPress 6.2 « Dolphy » was released on March 29, 2023. This version is named « Dolphy », after the American jazzer pianist Eric Allan Dolphy Jr. I was involved in this release as Tech Lead and as a core committer. It was a pleasure to […]

Contribution Stats for WordPress 6.1 « Misha »

WordPress 6.1 « Misha » was released on November 1st, 2022. This version is named « Misha », after the ukrainian jazz pianist Michail Jefimowitsch Alperin. I was involved in this release as Triage Lead and as a core committer. It was a pleasure to work […]

WP 6.0 ”Arturo” Contribution Stats

WordPress 6.0 « Arturo » was released on May 24th, 2022. This version is named « Arturo », after the latin jazz artist Arturo O’Farrill. This release is a follow-up to WP 5.9, and polishes the new Full Site Editing experience. It also introduces around 1000 […]

WordPress 5.9 Core Contribution Statistics

WordPress 5.9 « Joséphine » was released on January 25th, 2022. This version is named « Joséphine », after the international jazz singer Joséphine Baker. She also had French nationality and entered the Panthéon last year, in 2021. This release was a big one. It unveiled […]

[FR] How to extend has_block() function to also check for Gutenberg reusable blocks

It’s been almost three years now that the block editor has been part of WordPress and we all got used to developing with this new editor, Gutenberg. Convinced of the principle of reusable blocks, I started to work on a […]

[FR] 🎥Aller plus loin avec Gutenberg – Slides et vidéo du meetup WordPress Montpellier du 3 juin 2021

Le 3 juin 2021, j’ai eu l’occasion de proposer une intervention au meetup WordPress Montpellier sur la thématique « Aller plus loin avec Gutenberg ». L’occasion de rappeler l’historique et la roadmap du projet, de parler de l’extensibilité de Gutenberg, de présenter […]

[FR] 📊2020, retour sur une nouvelle année de contribution au projet WordPress

Bonne année 2021 à toutes et à tous ! 🥂🍾 Et voilà, 2020 est derrière nous, et ce n’est pas plus mal… inutile de rappeler pourquoi, on en entend suffisamment parler tous les jours 😒 Comme l’année dernière, je vais profiter d’un […]

WordPress 5.6 Core Stats: contributions by country & company

WordPress 5.6 « Simone » was released as expected on December 8, 2020. As for previous releases, let’s have a look on Core stats. WordPress 5.6 is quite particular, as it was directed by a 100% female Release Squad. WP 5.6 was […]