Hi, I’m currently the CTO of Whodunit WordPress Agency.
I’m a WordPress Core Committer and I’m currently one of the two WordPress Core Team Representatives.

I led a dozen of minor releases and I was the Documentation Lead of WP 5.3 and WP 5.7, the Accessibility Lead of WP 5.3 and WP 5.5, and the Triage Lead of WP 5.9 and 6.1.
I’m currently the Tech Lead of WordPress 6.2.

I coordinated the development of the WP Auto-updates project, which shipped Theme & Plugins automatic updates in WordPress 5.5, and Core automatic updates in WP 5.6.

I represented the accessibility team of the CMS during two years, I maintain Widgets, Menus and Upgrade/Install core components and I’m one of the 4 French General Translation Editors.

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📷A plugin to manage your Images Licensing Policy using Structured Data on WordPress (and Google loves it)

Last week, I released another small WordPress plugin. This one is called “Image Licensing Schema” and it allows WordPress websites administrators to take benefits of a new Google Images feature. Indeed, Google Images recently added support for Image License structured […]

🐛 WordPress 5.5: how to fix the translation issue on JS generated strings

In WordPress 5.5 there is a small bug on localized instances of WP. By localized, I mean translated WordPress installations. Indeed, a change in the scripts loading process led to a timing issue between the loading of the translations and […]

📊WordPress 5.5 Core Stats: contributions by country & company

WordPress 5.5 « Eckstine » was released as expected on August 11, 2020. This is a very particular version for me, as I had the pleasure to be involved in the release squad as Accessibility Tech Lead. I also co-led one of […]

[FR] 🛠Hooks et fonctions pour contrôler l’interface de mise à jour automatiques des thèmes et extensions sur WordPress 5.5

Voici un tour d’horizon des fonctionnalités permettant de hooker l’interface des mises à jour automatiques des thèmes et extensions sur votre site WordPress. Cette fonctionnalité est assez importante pour moi dans la mesure où je me suis occupé de diriger […]

🐛WordPress 5.4.2: prevent pending spam comments from search engine indexation

Scheduled for Wednesday June 10, 2020 and led by Jake Spurlock (helped by Sergey Biryukov, Jonathan Desrosiers and I), WordPress 5.4.2 addresses twenty bugs. One of them is an important bug which affects all WordPress versions since 5.1. As noted […]

📊WordPress 5.4 Core Contribution Statistics

WordPress 5.4 «Adderley» was released on March 31, 2020, and 552 people contributed to this version of our favorite web publishing tool! 🥂 As Documentation Coordinator, I can say that was an awesome experience and the release squad was extraordinarily […]