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WordPress 5.6 Core Stats: contributions by country & company

WordPress 5.6 « Simone » was released as expected on December 8, 2020. As for previous releases, let’s have a look on Core stats.

WordPress 5.6 is quite particular, as it was directed by a 100% female Release Squad. WP 5.6 was named « Simone », in honor of jazz singer and civil rights activist Nina Simone.

In the past, I already published some contributions stats for versions 5.35.4 and 5.5. I did it again for WP 5.6, so we can have an eye on the influence of countries and companies on WordPress Core.

Before diving into WordPres 5.6 Core contributions stats, few disclaimers, for better context:

  • These statistics only relate to Core contributions (= source code and design) of WordPress. There are a whole bunch of other types of contributions, not listed here: marketing, communication, translation, organization, testing …
  • To get these stats, I parsed profiles pages for each contributor to get some public informations about the contributors: country, employer, and wether they already contributed to WordPress Core or not. It includes both Core contributions on Trac and Gutenberg pull requests on GitHub.
  • Those stats are based on what’s declared in each contributors’s profile. Users with empty profile informations are not taken into account.
  • All the charts and raw data can be downloaded below.

📊WordPress 5.6 General Stats

605 people contributed to WordPress 5.6. These people come from at least 57 different countries, and from at least 155 different companies.

More important, 236 people never contributed to WordPress source code before WP 5.6. In WP 5.6 sourcecode, 39% of people contributed for the very forst time to WordPress Core. Therefore, we now have more than 200 new contributors in the project 😎

This is without doubt the more important stats of this post, as it proves the dynamism and the health of the WordPress open-source project..

On the other hand, the people who contribute the most are generally people who have contributed for a long time to the Core, which is… quite logical 😉

🌍Country ranking by number of contributors

The graph below shows the number of countries that have contributed to WordPress 5.6, ranked by number of contributors. I also put the top 10 in a table, WorldRugby style 😃🏉

Of the 57 countries (58 countries on WP 5.5, and 48 on WP 5.5) that contributed to this version of WordPress, US once again has the largest number of contributors, followed by India and then the UK.

1United States121
3United Kingdom24

Here is the evolution of the top 10 countries between versions 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 of WordPress. If the leading trio remains unchanged since WP 5.3, France falls to WP 5.6. Germany goes back to fourth place. Canada retains its 5th place and the Netherlands 6th. Australia move up the rankings while Spain drop out of the top 10.

WordPress 5.3 WordPress 5.4 WordPress 5.5 WordPress 5.6 
UK26Germany20 📈UK31 📈UK24
Germany22UK18 📉France25 📈Germany17 📈
Netherlands21France15 📈Canada23 📈Canada14
Australia14Canada11 📈Netherlands22 📈Netherlands13
Canada13Netherlands11 📉Germany 15 📉Australia11 📈
France11Bangladesh9 📈Japan 15 📈France9 📉
Italia9Italia8Spain 13 📈Japan9 📉
Japan8Japan8Australia 12 📈Russia7 📈

🌏Country ranking by number of contributions

If instead of counting contributors, we prefer to count the contributions (number of participations in Trac tickets or GitHub issues), then the results are a little different.

The USA remains number 1 by far with 712 contributions, but Russia is behind with 344 contributions, still led by Sergey, the person who made the most individual contributions on this version of WP. Australia follows, with 152 contributions overtaking the United Kingdom (135 contributions) and Algeria (133 contributions). India, Greece, Canada, Poland, France and Germany are following the top 10.

👩‍💻Company ranking by contributors

Of the 57 companies that contributed to WordPress 5.6, Automattic had by far the most contributors, with 70 people credited. Yoast is still the second biggest contributor with 16 people. 10up then comes third with 8 people. Then we have a group with 5 contributors: Human Made, GoDaddy, WP Engine and rtCamp. Google closes the head group with 4 contributors.

Note that Whodunit is not represented in the leading group (2nd on WP 5.5 with 10 people, and 1 contributor only on WP 5.6) and iThemes (4 people on WP 5.5, 2 people on WP 5.6). This can be explained by the difficulty for small companies to maintain a large number of contributors over time. When economical activity is important, only people who have time to contribute on their working time can continue to contribute (which is my case at Whodunit).

And here is the evolution since WordPress 4.8 for the top 10 (except Automattic):

👩‍💻Company ranking by contributions

Automattic is still the most prolific company with employees credited in no less than 1002 contributions (for 70 contributors), but is followed by Yoast with 467 contributions (for 16 contributors).

After Automattic and Yoast, come in order: iThemes (99 contributions, for only 2 contributors), Bluehost hosting company (92 contributions for 2 contributors), 10up (75 contributions for 8 contributors), Human Made (70 contributions for 5 contributors) and Whodunit (62 contributions for 1 contributor – me) agencies. In the following actors, we find a majority of agencies. Google’s contribution volume has dropped significantly compared to WordPress 5.5, which makes sense because Google has done a lot of work on sitemaps.xml on WP 5.5.

Worth noting that the following major stakeholders can be categorized in three sorts of companies: agencies, plugins/themes editors and hosting companies.

🕊Individuals top ranking for WordPress 5.6

Here is the list of people who have validated at least 10 contributions on version 5.6 of WordPress:

1SergeyBiryukovRussiaYoast338Trac only
2youknowriadAlgeriaAutomattic133both Trac and GitHub
3TimothyBlynJacobsUnited StatesiThemes98both Trac and GitHub
4desrosjUnited StatesBluehost89Trac only
5zieladamPoland72both Trac and GitHub
6ntsekourasGreeceAutomattic65both Trac and GitHub
7johnbillionUnited KingdomHuman Made Ltd63Trac only
8audrasjbFranceWhodunit62both Trac and GitHub
8helenCosta Rica10up62Trac only
10talldanwpAustraliaAutomattic60both Trac and GitHub
11ellatrixBulgaria52GitHub only
12joenDenmarkAutomattic51both Trac and GitHub
13garrett-eclipseCanadaSendtoNews Incorporated49Trac only
14nosoloswSpainAutomattic48both Trac and GitHub
15noisysocksAustraliaAutomattic45both Trac and GitHub
16mkazUnited StatesAutomattic43both Trac and GitHub
17isabel_brison42both Trac and GitHub
17jorgefilipecostaPortugalAutomattic42both Trac and GitHub
19ocean90Germanyrequired40both Trac and GitHub
20justinahinonBeninYoast39both Trac and GitHub
20zebulan39both Trac and GitHub
22aristathGreeceYoast37both Trac and GitHub
23ryelleUnited StatesAutomattic36both Trac and GitHub
23whyisjakeUnited StatesAutomattic / WordPress VIP36both Trac and GitHub
25aduthUnited StatesAutomattic35both Trac and GitHub
25noahtallen35both Trac and GitHub
25addiestavlo35GitHub only
28gzioloPolandAutomattic34both Trac and GitHub
29peterwilsonccAustraliaAwesome Motive33Trac only
29happiryu33GitHub only
31jrfNetherlandsAdvies en zo32Trac only
32kevin940726TaiwanAutomattic31both Trac and GitHub
32davidszaboAutomattic31GitHub only
34mukesh27India28Trac only
35hellofromTonyaUnited States27Trac only
35nrqsnchzMexico27both Trac and GitHub
37sabernhardtUnited States23Trac only
37coponsAutomattic23GitHub only
37geriux23GitHub only
40itsjonqCanadaAutomattic22both Trac and GitHub
40jsnajdr22GitHub only
40sirreal22GitHub only
43aferciaItalyYoast21both Trac and GitHub
43azaozzCanadaAutomattic21both Trac and GitHub
45ClorithNorwayDekode Interaktiv AS20Trac only
45mista-floFranceCulture Trip20Trac only
47chipsnyder19GitHub only
48adamsilversteinUnited StatesGoogle18both Trac and GitHub
48davidbaumwaldUnited StatesDream Encode18Trac only
48mcsfPortugalAutomattic18both Trac and GitHub
51dd3217both Trac and GitHub
51hareesh-pillaiIndiaKiloFarms17Trac only
51kjellrAutomattic17both Trac and GitHub
51ceyhun017GitHub only
55poenaSwedenThemes By Carolina16both Trac and GitHub
55epiquerasPeru16GitHub only
57pbironUnited StatesSparrow Hawk Computing15Trac only
57sergioestevaoUnited KingdomAutomattic15GitHub only
59andraganescuRomaniaAutomattic14both Trac and GitHub
59ayeshrajans14Trac only
59cvoellUnited States14GitHub only
59etoledom14GitHub only
63dratwas13GitHub only
63jeremyyip13GitHub only
65karmatosedUnited KingdomAutomattic12both Trac and GitHub
65mapkUnited StatesAutomattic12both Trac and GitHub
65melchoyceUnited StatesAutomattic12Trac only
65spacedmonkeyUnited KingdomSpacedmonkey12both Trac and GitHub
65antonismeGreece12GitHub only
70antpbUnited StatesWP Engine11Trac only
70joostdevalkNetherlandsYoast11Trac only
70bernhard-reiterAutomattic11GitHub only
73afragenUnited StatesGitHub Updater10Trac only
73ramiyIsrael10both Trac and GitHub

🎁Download charts & data

All those resources are shared under Creative Commons BY-SA, which means you are free to use it on your blog or website with proper attribution (and maybe a link to this page?).

If you want to support this initiative, you can buy me a beer 🍺 or leave a kind comment below 🥰

WP 5.6 credits – Countries by peopleDownload SVG
WP 5.6 credits – Countries by contributionsDownload SVG
WP 5.6 credits – Companies by peopleDownload SVG
WP 5.6 credits – Companies by contributionsDownload SVG
📊WP 5.6 credits – Row dataDownload CSV
🖼WP 5.6 credits page with noteworthy contributorsDownload PNG

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Thanks for the stats! It’s because of this article that I found out I became a Core Contributor to 5.6. I had a patch committed to Application Passwords for 5.5 support which was integrated into core as part of 5.6. 🙂

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